Logical Cause of COPD Progression

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD early in 2003. No signs of the disease were present at the time of her diagnosis. I had worked in a hospital many years earlier when I was in college and remembered seeing emphysema and COPD patients. Each time they were admitted they looked a bit more disheveled and worn out as the disease squeezed the last bit of life out of them. I realized that unless the pharmaceutical companies had developed new medications for the treatment of emphysema and COPD, my mother would now suffer the same fate.

I began researching the disease immediately but kept ending up on web sites controlled by the pharmaceutical companies or the medical industry. No one had any good news. The claimed the newest drugs they had developed would “slow the progress” of the COPD and emphysema but would not cure it or even stop its progress. I was shocked that in more than 20 years since I had worked in that hospital the pharmaceutical and medical industries still had not solved the big mystery of what was actually causing the progression of emphysema and COPD.

COPD and Emphysema Medications

My mother stopped smoking immediately and multiple prescription medications and treatments were added to her daily regimen. These included Spiriva, Advair, Albuterol Sulfate (for use in the nebulizer) and Combivent as a rescue inhaler. These were the drugs that had slowed the disease progression in clinical trials. As time went on, I doubted this very much. After all, the same drug company that spent millions of dollars developing the drug was performing the clinical trials. Do you really think they would determine that their own drug did not work? I have never once heard of that happening. They have an unrealistic and utterly amazing track record of only developing drugs that work perfectly! (Did you detect the sarcasm in that statement?)

End Stage Emphysema

More than two years went by with my mother taking every drug that was prescribed and doing the 4 ordered nebulizer treatments each day. She had not smoked one cigarette during this time yet she ended up on January 24, 2006 in “End Stage Emphysema.” The reason I know the date is I requested a copy of her medical record and it was plainly recorded on that date. I did not truly need the doctor’s word on that since I saw her condition. She had deteriorated down to only 77 pounds from 103 pounds at the time of her diagnosis. She was requiring 4 liters of supplemental oxygen 24/7 and was still gasping for air most of the time. She could only sleep for about an hour at a time and that was only if I propped her up on 4 pillows. She awoke multiple times throughout the night in the middle of exacerbations. I was staying up all night at that time. I made a pot of coffee at about 11 pm and checked on her every 10 or 15 minutes until she was up and ready for coffee and breakfast the next morning. I would then sleep from 6 or 7 am until 11. This went on for a year and a half.

COPD Research Reveals Answers

Since I was up all night anyway, I researched every night, all night looking for anything that might help my mother. I already knew the pharmaceutical and medical industries had no answers so I looked for alternative treatments that might provide some help. By this time I had observed my mother all day, every day (and every night) for more than two years. I noticed that as her oxygen requirement increased her meal size decreased. Why? I also noticed that even in the absence of smoking this disease was progressing. Why? The doctors said that smoking caused the COPD and emphysema. I agreed with them on that fact. What was causing the disease progression? She had not smoked for more than 2 years so it could not be smoking causing the progression of her emphysema and COPD.

I wondered if maybe smoking had introduced some pathogen into her lungs that was proliferating and had been proliferating for more than 40 years. This seemed more logical than what the doctors were saying which was that the progression of COPD and emphysema was a result of some big mystery. My mother was now dying from this disease so it was time this mystery was solved. I didn’t care if the doctors agreed with me or not. They seemed intelligent until they told me of this big mystery then they seemed like storm troopers, mindlessly regurgitating what the pharmaceutical companies had told them to say.

COPD Disease Progression Hypothesis

My research resulted in the compilation of more than 30,000 pages of information along with daily observation of my mother’s deteriorating condition. I eventually developed a “Disease Progression” hypothesis that I believe describes the cause of the progression of COPD and emphysema. This hypothesis is as follows:

“Smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs that begins proliferating immediately and continues proliferating unless it is stopped or the patient succumbs to the disease. As the pathogen proliferates it begins occupying lung volume that is needed by the patient for gas exchange (breathing). The body adapts to this proliferating pathogen by distending the lungs creating additional lung volume for breathing. This proliferating pathogen and resultant lung distention continues for years, even decades until it results in a condition common to emphysema and COPD patients known as ‘Barrel Chest.’ This back and forth continues until the distending lungs eventually crowd the stomach making normal-sized meals impossible. This results in severe weight loss.”

We have all seen these patients sitting in wheelchairs, on supplemental oxygen and looking like “skin and bones.”

Think about this carefully and see if it makes more sense than what you are hearing from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I can tell you that after treating my mother’s emphysema and COPD as if it were a proliferating pathogen her condition began improving almost immediately. Her improvement began with a diet that essentially begins starving this pathogen.

View the 5 minute video: “Stopping the Progression of COPD”

For a complete understanding of these treatments, view our latest video on YouTube,

The Overlooked Cause of COPD

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Reversing Emphysema: Eliminating the Skepticism

Since I published the book, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema” in 2009 I have met with hordes of skepticism. Patients dying of emphysema asking why their doctor is not using my methods and curing their emphysema, wondering why the FDA has not been dying to approve my six protocols and wondering why I am not on every television news program announcing that there is an effective treatment for the third leading cause of death in the world, namely emphysema.

When I first developed the protocols that reversed my mom’s emphysema I had no intention of writing a book. I had taken graduate courses in Pathology, Pulmonary Physiology, Human Genetics and Histology which led me to believe that medications do not work. Well let me say they do what they were designed for which is managing disease not curing disease. Out of 57,000+ drugs on the market there is not one that cures a disease! This fact is, of course, a closely guarded secret of the pharmaceutical industry. If you do not believe me ask your doctor if he or she can name ONE medication that cures a disease.

I shared the information that reversed my mom’s emphysema with a friend who had suffered with asthma and allergies most of his life. I told him I did not know if this information would help him but it was worth giving it a try.

He tried the diet and a few of the supplements and began improving almost immediately! A few months later he stopped taking his asthma medication because he did not need it anymore. He had taken one asthma medication or another every day since he was a small boy. Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry had developed new, more expensive medications over the years so the exact medication had changed but the requirement was still the same, one pill every day forever!

After he was able to eliminate asthma medication from his daily regimen and began feeling much better, able to spend extended periods of time outdoors, he insisted that I write a book and make it available for those suffering with emphysema, COPD, chronic bronchitis and, of course, asthma and allergies. When I agreed, I truly thought people would climb all over each other for a copy of the book instead of dying from any of these diseases but that was not the case. Since publishing this book I have met with extreme skepticism from people who would apparently rather die than see if what I am saying in the book will work for them.

Dr. Pescatore Cures Allergies and Asthma

After finishing more than 6500 hours of research and writing the book which took a few hundred hours more, I found a physician named Fred Pescatore in New York City. Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D. wrote a book, “The Allergy and Asthma Cure.” Does your doctor know there is a cure for allergies and for asthma or does he or she prescribe daily medications for these ailments?

After reviewing his book I found his 8 steps to an allergy and asthma cure were quite similar to the six protocols that reversed my mom’s emphysema. I had accidentally found and realized the same information that Dr. Pescatore had found and tested. Notice he speaks of a “nutritional program” and “not needing inhalers or steroids anymore.”

Dr. Hirohito Kita, M.D. of Mayo Clinic Cures Sinusitis

The first problem I tried solving for my mother was her severe headaches. These were presumably due in some way to her supplemental oxygen which she used 24/7. It seemed as the emphysema progressed her headaches became more frequent and more severe. The problem was that nothing would relieve the pain. I tried aspirin, Tylenol and Advil at different times and none provided any relief. The headaches would persist for an entire day sometimes continuing into the next. My mother’s doctor gave her antibiotics thinking that would kill whatever was causing the infection. Unfortunately, the infection was not caused by bacteria and the antibiotics did nothing. For those of you who are unaware of this fact, antibiotics only kill bacteria.

In researching I found Dr. Hirohito Kita, M.D., a researcher at Mayo Clinic who had published his findings on sinusitis in 1999. Sinusitis, I learned, was the inflammation of the sinus cavities and was a known cause of severe headaches. Dr. Kita stated that 96% of sinusitis cases resulted from fungal infections. Hoping my mother was not in the remaining 4% I began searching for something that would eliminate the fungal infection from her sinuses.

I soon found Olive Leaf Extract Nasal Spray. I had very little faith that it would do anything since aspirin, Tylenol and Advil had not provided any relief but I was desperate so I tried it. My mother squeezed two squirts into each nostril and inhaled through her nose. Fifteen minutes later her headache was gone! I was truly amazed not only that it worked so well but also that not one of my mother’s doctors were familiar with this easy cure for sinusitis or Dr. Kita’s research that had been published more than 10 years earlier. Antibiotics actually “ensure the chronicity” of fungal infections, another fact I did not know until it was revealed after I purchased a graduate level textbook on Clinical Mycology (Mycology – “the study of fungi”).

I still could not believe the doctors did not know this information and were still prescribing antibiotics that would not only not help the situation but actually keep it from ever going away by “ensuring its chronicity.”

I will continue addressing the credibility issue so more people suffering with emphysema, COPD and chronic bronchitis have the opportunity for recovery. If you are suffering from sinusitis or allergies and asthma the links below provide additional information about Dr. Kita and Dr. Pescatore.

Remember, there is a lot of important information being withheld from you concerning your health. I will continue revealing it to you in hopes it will help people end their illnesses and their suffering once and for all!

Watch this 5 minute video explaining the cause of the progression of COPD and emphysema:

“Stopping the Progression of COPD”

An article about Dr. Hirohito Kita’s research:

“Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers Have Enhanced Immune Responses to Fungi”

Dr Pescatore’s web site:

Dr. Fred Pescatore, M. D.

Make sure and visit my web sites listed below:



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Stopping the Progession of Emphysema

W. G. Miller, author of How I Reversed My Moms EmphysemaMy mother was diagnosed with emphysema in 2003. At first I made sure she took all of her medications and did all of her prescribed emphysema treatments. After more than two years she was noticeably worse. She had not smoked during this whole time so I was very puzzled as to what was causing her deterioration. I understood that smoking caused her emphysema but she was not smoking. When I asked her doctor why her emphysema was getting worse so long after she quit smoking he told me that they (the medical industry) did not know why emphysema continued progressing even when the patient quit smoking. He told me it was a mystery.

It seemed obvious that there must be something left over from smoking, some residual pathogen introduced into my mother’s lungs by cigarettes. The doctors were not acknowledging or addressing this apparent pathogenic invasion so, of course, it was not being treated. It continued growing and proliferating while the prescribed medications and emphysema treatments temporarily masked one symptom or another.

I was shocked that this was all the doctors, the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry were doing in combatting this disease that was the fourth leading cause of death in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Conventional Emphysema Treatments

Once I realized the doctors were not even acknowledging what I saw as the primary issue with emphysema, namely that it was getting worse long after smoking cessation, I began looking for something that would stop the emphysema from proliferating any further. I thought if I could stop the progression of emphysema that would buy a little time while I looked for a way of reversing the disease altogether.

For some reason I was convinced that after many hours of prayer, God would help me find the answers. i have never been so sure of anything in my life! This, I was absolutely sure of! I hadn’t gone to medical school though I had taken a few graduate courses in Pathology, Pulmonary Physiology, Human Genetics and Histology. I didn’t remember a lot of the information but as a result of taking these classes I could easily discern between true scientific information that made logical sense and the erroneous statistical information published by pharmaceutical companies telling how great their newest drug was.

I knew all the drugs, regardless of what they were for, had numerous side-effects. I had read somewhere that the average 65 year old American was taking 10 medications. Then I also found that there were something like 57,000 drugs on the market and not one that cured a disease! I guess there is truly no money in curing anything. The month lies in treating or “managing” disease. If the pharmaceutical industry can convince you that your problem is genetic, they have no problem convincing you that you need a drug that will treat this disorder and finally that you need it for the rest of your life.

I am sure you have seen the drug advertisements on all the news programs (what a coincidence) that tell you the benefits of the new drug in 10 seconds and then spend the next 20 seconds describing the negative side-effects that result from taking the drug. I knew I wanted a natural supplement or treatment that would cause an actual healing effect. After all, masking symptoms is like running into a burning building and shutting off the fire alarm thinking it will put the fire out. As I am sure you know, this will never put out the fire! Of course, you cannot cure a disease by masking its symptoms. Realizing and understanding that does not require graduation from medical school. It is simple common sense.

Logical Emphysema Treatment

I remembered from pathology class that all pathogens have sugar as their food supply. That makes sense right? When we eat foods that are high in sugar content or foods that are broken down to sugar in only a few biochemical steps, we overload our body with systemic sugar. Biochemically, sugar must be “actively transported” across the cell membrane by insulin which is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas. The beta cells of the pancreas can only produce a set amount of insulin in a given amount of time. Therefore, when we overload out system with sugary foods we have sugar travelling through our bloodstream providing food for any and all pathogens that are present.

My idea was eliminating all sugar from my mother’s diet. Not just the foods that were obviously high in sugar content but also foods like potatoes and foods produced from grains like bread, pasta and cereal that would metabolize into sugar very rapidly once eaten. Either one of these groups would provide food for the pathogen. Logically, I thought taking these foods out of my mother’s diet would begin starving the pathogen and stop its proliferation, essentially stopping the progress of the disease.

I realized my mother would die very soon anyway and eliminating all these sugary foods would not hurt her. She had deteriorated down to only 77 pounds and required 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen. She could only eat tiny amounts of food or it would negatively affect her breathing and could only sleep for an hour at a time and even then only if she was propped up on 4 pillows.

Emphysema Treatment Begins Working

My mother September 2007. Early stages of recovery from emphysema.

My mother September 2007. Early stages of recovery from emphysema.

Amazingly, after only two weeks my mother was showing signs of improvement. She had been gasping for air most of the time on 4 liters of oxygen only two weeks earlier and now she was not showing any signs of distress. These were not huge improvements but they were extremely significant since they were the only lasting improvements she had shown since her diagnosis. During the entire time since her diagnosis she had taken all the prescribed medications, used her nebulizer four times a day with albuterol sulfate, went to Pulmonary Rehab twice a week and had deteriorated down to End Stage Emphysema. No lasting improvement only the temporary masking of symptoms by the drugs and emphysema treatments.

I realized these small improvements were not enough for complete recovery but it did show me that the doctors were not doing all that could be done. In their defense however, doctors are only as good as their training. Changing the diet would not earn them or the pharmaceutical industry any money. I can only assume this is why they knew nothing about the benefits brought on by this simple diet change.

Want to learn more about how my mother recovered completely from emphysema? Click the link below. Thanks for visiting and God bless you and your family.

Logical Emphysema Treatments

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