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Engineering degree. Worked as a civil engineer and mathematician for a number of years. Entered the software industry in sales and marketing. National Sales Director for a medical software company. Took a leave of absence to take care of my mother who had been diagnosed with emphysema and COPD. Began researching emphysema and COPD after my mother was diagnosed in 2003. I soon realized everyone was in agreement on one thing, smoking caused COPD. No one could explain why COPD continued progressing even if the patient quits smoking. I found out that tobacco was cured and processed and then prepared for consumption even if it displays visible signs of blue mold. I realized the potential for other molds and fungi growing on the tobacco leaves that were making it into the cigarettes and then inhaled into a smoker's lungs where it is planted like a garden. The patient quits smoking and over the next 2 years their lungs heal and replace every cell in the lungs. The problem is the garden of fungi is still growing. I eventually killed this opportunistic fungi that was proliferating in my mother's lungs. It took 17 months of eating a restrictive diet that starved the opportunistic fungi and a host of supplements each with a specific function. The book, "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema" is a detailed account of my mother's deterioration under the care of modern medicine and her eventual recovery from COPD and emphysema over the 17 months following our start in 2003/2004. More info:

Logical Cause of COPD Progression

Smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs that causes the progression of COPD and emphysema yet no drugs have been developed to stop it or kill it and the medical and pharmaceutical industries do not even acknowledge its existence. The only logical approach to COPD and emphysema. Continue reading

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Reversing Emphysema: Eliminating the Skepticism

Emphysema cure that reversed my moms emphysema and 1100 others has met with intense skepticism. Read about the other doctors who have developed cures for asthma, allergies and sinusitis that agree with me and that you have never heard of. Continue reading

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Stopping the Progession of Emphysema

Stopping the progresson of emphysema began with a simple emphysema treatment involving diet. I knew this would not cure emphysema but it was the first sign of improvement since the emphysema diagnosis. Continue reading

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